Currently Airing Fan-art – 24 June 2016

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Posting a day late due to a server outage – but this week we have Kabaneri, Twin Star Exorcists, Sailor Moon and a crossover featuring two of this season’s series.


Currently Airing Fan-art – 17 June 2016

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As we creep closer to the end of the current season, I’ve decided to take a little break from hunting for some of the more obscure fan-art creations and visit the more popular fan-art subjects again.


Currently Airing Fan-art – 10 June 2016

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For this week’s fan-art selection, we have Mayoiga, Shounen Maid and Kuromukuro – shows that haven’t been generating a lot of fan-art. Also, yesterday was Nozomi’s birthday – so there’s a little something for that too.


Currently Airing Fan-art – 3 June 2016

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This week’s pick of images features Sakamoto desu ga, Anne Happy, Sailor Moon and Hundred. Having entered June, we’re also approaching the end of the season … and what a full season it’s been.


Currently Airing Fan-art – 27 May 2016

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This week we have fan-art from Netoge no Yome, Kiznaiver, Sansha Sanyou and Macross Delta – and I also decided to include something from a little ways back.


Currently Airing Fan-art – 20 May 2016

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Coming in a little late this week with fan-art from Sansha Sanyou, Haifuri, Onigiri and Re:Zero

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