Currently Airing Fan-art 5 Feb 2016

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This week’s crop of fan-art – Phantom World, Pandora, Shirayuki and Grimgar. This week I’ve also included a couple of comments about the shows – if I’m actually watching them. Enjoy!


Japanese Festival: Setsubun

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On 3 February, Japanese celebrate Setsubun – the day before the first day of Spring. Previously seen as marking the end of one year and starting the next, it is often accompanied by rituals to cleanse the evils of the old year and chase away evil spirits for the new year. Read more about the festival here.


Currently Airing Fan-art Collection – 29 Jan 2016

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Today we have some fan-art from GATE, Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (or Erased, if you prefer the English title), and we also get a glimpse of the latest thing to pop up all over the internet.

Anime Fan-art week 3 2016

Currently Airing Fanart Collection – 22 Jan 2016

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Since I’m always on the hunt for pretty art, I’ve decided to do a weekly post of some of the fan-art I find while browsing. For the most part, my…


Cape Town Cosplay Events in 2016

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2016 is going to be a busy year for Cape Town’s cosplay community, with numerous events coming up where they dress up and be whichever character they want to be.


Merry Christmas!!

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And this brings me to the end of the countdown – Merry Christmas – compliments of the season. Just enjoy the day :)

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