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    Summer 2014 Anime Release Preview
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    UCON 2014 Report
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Currently Airing: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

The remake of Sailor Moon is currently airing, and of course there is a ton of fan-art floating around already. A couple of renditions of Sailor Moon can be found in this post – be sure to check out the artists’ profiles as well.

Currently Airing Fan-art: Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance


The first of hopefully many fan-art posts – this featuring character Rinslet Laurenfrost from the currently airing series Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, by 屋根裏メテオインパクトの案内猫 on Pixiv

Tokyo ESP – Summer 2014 Preview


Tokyo comes under attack by a group of Espers, people with special abilities, who are determined that a new world order is born – one where they rule over normal people. Of course, not every Esper thinks alike, and a small group of Espers decide to fight back.

Zankyou no Terror – Summer 2014 Preview


In an alternate version of present-day Tokyo, a horrific terror attack takes place. The only clue to the culprits is a cryptic video. Meanwhile, Risa, a high-school student, meets two boys, Nine and Twelve … a meeting destined to change the course of her life drastically.

Majimoji Rurumo – Preview


Apprentice witch Rurumo is on Earth to train to become a full witch, and with her she brings 666 tickets, which Kouta uses to grant people’s wishes. Once the tickets are used up, Rurumo will be promoted, but the cost of success is Kouta’s life.

Persona 4 The Golden ANIMATION


On the surface, Inaba is a peaceful country town. But of late, mysterious murders have been occurring, especially whenever there’s a heavy fog after rainfall. In addition, rumours have surfaced of a mysterious TV channel that appears at midnight.

Fran♥cesca: Girls Be Ambitious – Preview


An exorcist working in Hokkaido has a hard time dealing with the zombies plaguing the land, but things take a turn for the worse when she needs to try and deal with the revived Shinsengumi. She is forced to take help from the undead idol, Francesca, as well as her dog, Franken.

Akame ga Kill – Summer 2014 preview


Tatsumi leaves his village and journeys to the imperial capital to earn money for his village. But, being a country boy, his naivety costs him, and he has a run in with the capital’s darker side. He ends up facing off against Night Raid, a group of assassins targeting the noble and rich, and discovers a very shocking secret.