Where can South Africans get their Anime Fix


South African anime fans don’t have an easy time when it comes to staying up to date with the latest airing shows. I take a look at ways – some legal, some less so – that Saffers can go about acquiring the both the latest airing shows, as well as some of the older titles.

Second Tamayura Finale Visual Revealed

tamayura movie - feat

Some details, along with a new key visual, have been posted for the upcoming second Tamayura movie.

Noragami 2nd Season Details Revealed

Noragami Season 2 Key Visual

The official website for Noragami has posted a key visual and revealed some details about the story for the second season.

ARIA: The Avvenire Teaser Streamed

ARIA the Avvenire

The official website for the ARIA project has started streaming a teaser trailer for ARIA the Avvenire, which is a movie that will be releasing in Japan on September 26.

ReLIFE Anime Project Announced with Video Teaser


I’m fairly sure that a lot of people who are unhappy with their current situation sometimes wish they could go back and do it all over. Sometimes you don’t even have to be unhappy – something may just be missing from your life and you want to go back and find it. Not likely to happen, however, but you may
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Sony planning a Robotech movie


Sony this week announced that they had acquired the screening rights for the Robotech franchise, and they aim to build it into a worldwide franchise. This includes a movie which will be overseen by Sony Pictures and produced by the producers of the 300 movie.

Spring 2015 Anime Release Schedule

Spring Anime Release Schedule & Preview

Summarised schedule of anime shows releasing for the Spring 2015 season. Due to time constraints I haven’t gone into any particular detail, and I’m just listing release dates and PVs where available.

Japan Day 2015 Report


Japan Day 2015 was held at Root 44 in Stellenbosch – the new venue allowed a full schedule, and spectators had easy access too food and refreshments. Here’s a quick report of the day.