Blade & Soul Anime in the works?

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Fans of Korean MMOs have been waiting, in vain it seems, for Blade & Soul to be localised for Western audiences, but whether anything will ever actually come of this is debatable, since the last update on the BNS website took place in December 2012.

Blade and Soul concept art

Some concept art from Blade & Soul

So we might be getting treated to Blade & Soul via a slightly different medium – an anime – the details of which is to be announced this month. This is according to this blog post (Japanese), which quotes a South Korean gaming site, GameFocus.

Before we all start getting to excited, I’m going to take this with a grain of salt for now, since the official initially quoted wished to remain anonymous. But moving on …

Animation production is reportedly to be handled by Gonzo, the studio behind series like Last Exile, Ao no 6-go and Hellsing, and the series itself is expected to air in April. It’s possibly a bit of a marketing move since the game itself is also scheduled to release in Japan sometime in the near future – but again, no dates are available. But the game enjoys immense popularity in China, and NCSoft may be hoping to replicate a similar level of success in Japan.

Below I’ve embedded a Chinese dance trailer for Blade & Soul, which shows off all the cute.

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    The day when I jump around like a crazy monkey is when the game comes out to NA (or series). hopefully the game should be done this year but at the same time, I don’t think its happening. :P

  • I’ve kinda given up on it, to be honest – so I’m just going to download the Chinese version and play that instead :)