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It may come as no surprise to a lot of you – but Japan is struggling a bit at the moment. After the twin disaster of the Tohou quake and the near meltdown of the Fukushima Nuclear plant, Japan has lost a lot of the revenue it gains from it’s tourism industry – rather understandably, a lot of foreigners are a little shaky about visiting what may now be regarded as a pretty dangerous part of the world.

A little unfairly in my book.

Of course, I doubt these are the only reasons; one has to keep in mind that the world economy is a little shaky at the moment, and folks aren’t quite as keen to spend their hard-earned cash. The Japanese government though, has come up with a scheme they hope will turn things around a bit.

The Japanese Ministry of Tourism is planning on inviting something to tune of 10,000 foreigners to Japan, and they are going to pay for it. Well … the flight tickets at least (which for me would be the most expensive part). The reasoning behind this plan is rather simple (and ingenious); they are hoping these travelers take plenty of pictures, and blog about their experiences in Japan, which will hopefully result in more people being interested in traveling to their fair shores again.

Frankly – I’m pretty damn keen. It also means a lot of saving, since there’s no way I’m going that way without some cash to burn. Pop on over to Culture Japan and put your own thoughts and ideas into the comments – Danny’s readers may be in for a little headstart.

As far as I can gain from the post application will take place via the internet, but there’s no final word on that yet. I’ll post more details when I hear about it.


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  • Anonymous

    I really looks like South Aficans are not eligible for the free tickets. The official announcement will be made in April 2012 by ‘Japan Tourism Agency’. The announcement will be made on facebook, but on separate pages for each country involved (excluding SA for one). Of course, I hope we will be included, but so far I see now mention. :(

  • I don’t think South Africans need to lose hope just yet – just because the Ministry doesn’t have a Facebook page specifically for the region it doesn’t necessarily mean SA is excluded. I don’t really see why any specific regions would need to be excluded – but then again, they may decide to target those regions which may offer the best return on investment.

    My suggestion would be to follow the US or UK pages – if they announce it there then at least you’ll know about it. I’ll try and see if I can follow up regarding your concern :)

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