Negima might not be over?

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With the release of the 38th and final manga volume of Mahou Sensei Negima! yesterday, many fans expected the end of sharing in the adventures of their favourite child teacher – who, of course, also happens to be a mage. Bar going back and rereading the series of course – which I’ve done a few times now.

But – is it really all done?

Ken Akamatsu, author of the wildly popular series, left comments in that volume saying that the series is finished “…for now”, and then specifically mentioned that “for now” means that there is a possibility of the series being revived in the future.

He also went on to say that the series had enough hidden mysteries to easily last another 100 volumes.

The story follows 10-year-old (at the beginning of the series) Negi Springfield, a boy wizard, who, upon graduating at his Academy of Magic, is assigned to teach English at a girl’s school in Japan, with his ultimate goal being to find his father and become a fully-fledged Magister Magi.

His class consists of 31 very energetic girls of various types, personalities and abilities, and from the beginning Negi had a lot of trouble keeping his magic abilities a secret. In typical Akamatsu fashion, it featured a ton of fan-service, but it was also highly entertaining, incredibly well-drawn, and managed to mix drama, fun, comedy, over-the-top action, and finally, fan-service in epic amounts, very well.

If you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you pick it up somewhere – maybe some extra sales will convince him to get back to it sooner.

Some art from the Anime Final Movie

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