Mitsuki is Animated Meandering’s mascot character. The picture below was created by a former colleague of mine. I came up with the concept for Mitsuki, because like so many other sites (especially those revolving around anime), I wanted a character that represented the site, and to fill this need, Mitsuki was born.

Mitsuki is completely fictional, and not based on any real persons – the same applies to any follow-up companion characters, and her immediate environment, while based on the real world, is completely a figment of my imagination. I’m always happy to receive suggestions and input, so feel free to send suggestions via the contact form.


Mitsuki’s Profile

Name: Mitsuki
Race: Half Human, Half Fox-spirit (Kitsune)
Age: 16
Birthday: 10 August (2010)
Star-sign: Leo
Birthstone: Peridot
Blood-type: O

Mitsuki is the child of a Human father and a fox-spirit (kitsune) mother – being a half-human/half-spirit existence that represents both the world of man and the world of the spirits without quite belonging in either of them. Mitsuki has, however, never met her parents – her father passed away in an accident shortly after her birth, and her mother was forced to return to the spirit realm not long after. Mitsuki, being half-human, couldn’t enter the spirit-realm, and was left in the care of an elderly Shinto priest in charge of a local shrine.

The priest, being a kind-hearted man, took Mitsuki in and raised her as his own; having little experience with children he’s having a little bit of trouble relating to and understanding Mitsuki, but does his best in any case. Despite their apparent differences they do deeply care for one another.

Physical stats

Height: 154cm
Weight: 44kg
Body-type: Slender
3 sizes: “That’s a secret!”
Hair-color: Aquamarine
Eye-color: Red


Shy and soft-spoken
Kind and gentle
Likes: Sunlight, music, fireworks, festivals
Dislikes: Fish, rainy/windy weather, cats, loud noises, crowds


Shape-shifting – Being half-human/half-kitsune, Mitsuki maintains her human form at all times, especially around other humans. Unfortunately, when she gets excited (or very emotional) she tends to lose concentration and her tail and ears will make an unannounced appearance – something she finds acutely embarrassing. When by herself she usually lets herself relax.

Empathy – Mitsuki doesn’t have the ability to read minds; however, she can perceive intense emotions very clearly. It is for this reason that Mitsuki dislikes crowds – she finds it difficult to filter out the wash of emotions. Despite this, she loves attending festivals (but then again everybody tends to be in festive spirits). She keeps this particular ability a secret.

Magic & Spells – Being a half-spirit creature, Mitsuki has the ability to use minor chants and spells – because of her youth they are not extremely powerful, and can sometimes backfire a bit. Due to her compassionate personality, her specialties lean towards healing.

Singing – She may be too shy to sing in front of others, but Mitsuki has a beautiful voice. When alone she frequently sings to herself. Unbeknownst to Mitsuki, her voice is one of her channels of magical release – people in her immediate vicinity while she sings are likely to experience feelings of calmness, relief from pain and wounds that heal a little faster than they should.


  1. Thank you :) I’m glad you like her.

    I definitely plan on doing something with her, but I will probably need to create some additional characters first.

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