Welcome to Animated Meanderings.

I established Animated Meanderings as a personal side-blog in November 2007 on a previously owned domain because I wanted to write about my journey into anime & manga as a medium, along with other personal stuff.

It quickly evolved into something that demanded more of my time, as I attempted to follow and share more news, views and reviews about anime as well as various aspects of Japanese culture that fascinated me.

In 2010 I decided that Animated Meanderings had outgrown its original home, and created the domain animated-meanderings.com to host it on; along with this I adjusted the focus of the site a bit – my mission now is to give South African anime viewers exposure to the massive range and choice of anime genres and series available, but still maintain enough validity for readers outside the local community.

On 10 August, 2010, I also first revealed Mitsuki, the mascot for Animated Meanderings – and you can check out Mitsuki’s full profile here. I’ve always had vague ideas for doing something with her, but that hasn’t gotten anywhere as of yet.

Animated Meanderings runs on WordPress 4.2.2, on the Salient theme. The social media icons in the footer are from the Gumdrop icon set by HeskinRadiophonic.


Animated Meanderings follows a strict no-spam policy – and for this reason you will never receive spam from me – e-mails will only be sent when (on the same day) new posts are added to the site.

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