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Anime Birthdays

Anime Birthdays

This section of the site features my current list of anime and manga character birthdays. Of course, due to the many series out there, not to mention the many new series airing each season, this list is far from complete. I’ll add more as I find them or that get sent to me. Since not every series have full character profiles, its unlikely I’ll ever be able to list even a majority of characters, but I do have this dream of having at least one character for every day of the year ;)

I’m always looking to add more characters, so if you know of any, please hop over to my contact page and let me know – if possible, link to or mention your source.

Each month now has its own page, given the amount of birthdays – you can navigate to each page either through the top menu or through the links below. And just because, here are some random useless stats:

Total number of birthdays listed: 992
Month with most birthdays: January (98)
Month with the least birthdays:  November (69)
Most popular birthdate: 1 January with 26 characters

Last Update: 23 February 2017

I have now started adding anime birthdays organised by series to the site as well – you can find a list of them on the Character Birthday by Series page, although there are only a few series listed at the moment.

Monthly breakdown:

January: 98
February: 75
March: 82
April: 81
May: 70
June: 76
July: 97
August: 93
September: 85
October: 77
November: 69
December: 89

A word on sources:

The birthdays you find here are collected from an extensive number of sources, both on and off-line, although recently I have relied on an incredibly comprehensive Japanese website for much of my information, and just translate and present the details in my own specific format.

All the birthdays listed are accurate to the best of my knowledge.