Onigiri Character Birthdays

Onigiri is based on an RPG, in which players are placed in medieval Japan in order to fight creatures known as Kamkikui. The short format anime series, which aired in 2016, followed a player and her group of NPC companions as they attempted to fight the malevolence. More often than not, however, they got caught up in other events.

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Known character birthdays

Amaterasu (あまてらす)
Onigiri - AmaterasuJanuary 01
Starsign: Capricorn
Gender: Female
Height: 142cm
Blood-type: A
Ibaraki-douji (茨木童子)
Onigiri - Ibaraki-doujiFebruary 3
Starsign: Aquarius
Gender: Female
Height: 177cm
Blood-type: B
Shizuka Gozen (静御前)
April 8
Starsign: Aries
Gender: Female
Height: 158cm
Blood-type: O
Kaguya (かぐや)
Onigiri - KaguyaAugust 15
Starsign: Leo
Gender: Female
Height: 160cm
Blood-type: AB
Sakura (サクラ)
Onigiri - SakuraDecember 12
Starsign: Sagittarius
Gender: Female
Height: 157cm
Blood-type: O
Yoshitsune (義経)
Onigiri - YoshitsuneSeptember 18
Starsign: Virgo
Gender: Female
Height: 158cm
Blood-type: A

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