Heartful Days in Tokyo

Shiratori Ryuushi is a young art student who moves into new lodgings in Tokyo, and quickly becomes the center of attention for the assortment of rather strange characters who inhabit the building.

He also becomes close friends with the young and pretty landlady, Aoba Kozue – but, there’s a little more to Kozue than meets the eye … “

Well, that’s pretty much Mahoraba in a nutshell. So what did I think of it?

Mahoraba is a fairly gentle romantic comedy – which at first glance seems to share some of the elements found in Love Hina – but you quickly find out that this is not the case. There are more than enough differences to make Mahoraba stand on its own – one in particular being the landlady’s secret … but, no more on that.

A lot of the jokes and situations in Mahoraba are done very well and the story plays out at a very even pace. The animation and drawing are (in my opinion anyways) outstanding and can best be described as colourful and bright; the characters are each unique and varied – each of them a memorable addition to the crowd sitting in my head ;)

Mahoraba takes no huge strides with regards to the music used in the anime. At the time of writing no particular tune comes to mind. This is not to say that the music is bad; it works well with the story and situations.

Did I have any problems with this anime? Well, apart from the one tiny niggle – the main character is a 19-year old male student … who sounds like a girl. That’s pretty much it. And after a while, you won’t really even notice it, unless you plan on sitting down to watch Mahoraba with the intent to find something wrong.

So who would I recommend it to? If you like action and violence … I suggest you avoid it. If you like a bit of light-hearted comedy, slow romance – Mahoraba’s a good one to sit down and while the night away.

Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ is a 26-episode series produced by J.C Staff – the same group who brought us such anime as Excel Saga, Ai Yori Aoshi and Shakugan no Shana, among many others and it aired in Japan in the first half of 2005.

Screenshot of Mahoraba

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