More Aria Details Revealed

The official site for Aria revealed more details about the upcoming Aria the Avvenire anime project.

Contrary to my previous post on the subject, it will not be a movie, but instead a three episode OVA series. The website also now features a new key visual (pictured below) and the details about the stories for each of the three episodes, along with bios for new characters that will be appearing.

Aria the Avvenire Key Visual

Before you read any further, please note that the following may (and probably will) contain spoilers for those who have not seen the original three series yet.

The series takes place some time after the ending of Aria the Origination – Akari, Aika and Alice are now Prima Undines working for their respective companies, and Ai (who we were introduced to in Aria the Animation) is a single (apprentice undine) at Aria Company. The two new characters joining the cast pictured in the middle row with Ai are – on the left –¬†Anya Dostoyevskaya, and on the right, Azusa B McLaren.

While the first two episodes will contain stories from the original manga that were not adapted for the anime series, the third episode will be based on a new chapter drawn by Kozue Amano.

The series will premiere at a special showing on the 26th of September in theatres. Given that I am a huge fan of the series, I’m looking forward to seeing the cast reunite, as well as being introduced to the new generation of undines.

See you there!!

Pictures of the characters below – click on them to see a slightly larger version:

All images courtesy of the official website.

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