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I’ve been a huge fan of Ken Akamatsu’s work for a while now – he’s responsible for A.I Love You, Love Hina and Negima, with Love Hina and Negima both gaining themselves quite a following as well as an anime series based on the mangas.

And now I’ve discovered Itsudatte My Santa! – created by Akamatsu before he started with Love Hina, and it was serialised in Shounen Magazine in 1998. The manga only consists of 1 volume … and I don’t think there is an english translation available at the moment.

In December 2005, a 2 episode anime OVA was released in Japan, and was licensed in January 2007 by FUNimation for a scheduled release in December; however, due to a misprint on the DVD label – it was recalled and is now planned for release in the 2008 holiday season. *sigh* Another year’s worth of waiting.

So what’s the story about?

It follows a boy, who, born on the 24th of December, was named Santa by his parents, making him despise the holiday – until one Christmas Eve young Santa-in-training Mai gets sent with the mission to cheer him up. The 2nd episode is an additional story which didn’t feature in the manga. For more on this, go check FUNimation’s Itsudatte my Santa webpage.

The Japanese version features the voice talent of Hirano Aya as Mai, who’s featured in such memorable roles as Suzumiya Haruhi from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Izumi Konata from Lucky Star and Lumiere from Kiddy Grade.

And now for my last little bit of a bonus – I found this AMV of Itsudatte my Santa! on YouTube – the song is Miracle performed by Cascada … enjoy!! (please excuse the Polish subtitles ;) )

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  1. Nice to see you around L[]N3WuLF … :)

    The anime turned out pretty decently – I’m just disappointed cos it was so short …

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