The Secret behind Anime Names

Have you ever spent any time wondering about the meanings behind the names of your favourite characters?
Yes? You’ve proudly displayed your prowess at Japanese by explaining … at length, what names mean in your native language.

Chances are however, that if you’re not completely off the mark you’re probably missing some of the nuances. Some of you may already know that quite a few anime and manga titles out there are puns or plays-on-words, but it doesn’t always occur to us that these might extend to character names. And to be honest, this includes myself.

So, here a couple of vloggers look at the names of some of the more popular and well-known characters.

Spoiler and plot-twist – Ichigo’s name doesn’t mean strawberry. Who knew? (O.o)

My life is a lie!!

Give it a watch … it’s actually pretty interesting. And watch a few of their other videos while you’re at it.

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