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I’ve been seeing a lot of interest in the actresses playing in the live-action version of Negima being directed towards my site … and while browsing around the web I see that there is actually not all that much info available – mostly because of the fact that most of them are relatively new … it’s a bit of a pity …

So I’ve decided to post what little info I can find on some of the actresses on here – all of which will be added to my site once its up and running … so just a little patience ok? ;)

Kashiwa Yukina (幸奈) as Negi Springfield

Date of Birth: 1994/08/12 (age:13)
Hometown: Kanesagawa, Japan
Bloodtype: B

Nishida Mai as Aisaka Sayoko

No information available as yet

Wagawa Miyu as Miyazaki Nodoka

Date of Birth: 1993/12/19 (Age 15)
Hometown: Unknown, Japan

Right now the information is incredibly difficult to get hold of – so I’m working on a bit of a reactionary process here – I see what people are searching for and then try and find the info. I’m doing my best – I’ll add more info as it becomes available

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