Terraformars Preview


Genre: Action, Sci-fi
Release date: 27 September 2014
Episodes: 13
Studio: Warner Bros
Official Site
Synopsis: In the early 21st century, scientists hatched the idea of warming up Mars for human habitation by using the cost effective idea of sending up mold and cockroaches. Now, fives centuries later, humanity has dispatched their first mission to Mars. But they find something unexpected – mutated human-sized cockroaches, which quickly wipes out the mission. The Earth now has to send a force of elite warriors to reclaim Mars.


It’s well known that cockroaches will survive pretty much anything short of being stomped on, so I can only imagine what could possibly happen if you gave them an entire empty planet to run around in. Along with a lack of natural enemies and a source of food. In short – I probably wouldn’t want to land there five centuries down the line.

I’m wondering how much this will resemble Starship Troopers, sans the huge bugs that fart balls of plasma, but it may be worth a watch. There is an OVA floating around, so that might make a good primer for the series if you are interested in checking it out.

Also, something tells me this show is going to be incredible gory.


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