Hanayamata – Summer 2014 Preview

Naru has always admired girls who are the “heroines” of their lives – her own life, however, is dreadfully normal. Until she has a moonlit encounter with Hannah, a transfer student. Together, they start a dancing club at their school.

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Ao Haru Ride – Summer 2014

Years after a transfer seperated the two, Futaba and Kou meet again in high-school. However, and old misunderstanding still hovers between them, and Futaba wonders if things between them will ever be the same again. Because, along with having been childhood friends, Kou was also her first love.

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Tokyo Ghoul – Summer 2014

Ghouls have taken to stalking the streets of Tokyo – devouring any humans they come across. Nobody knows where they came from. In the midst of all this, college student Ken bumps into a girl named Rize in a cafe he frequents – a meeting that will change his life.

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