Terraformars Preview

21st Century scientists decided to warm up Mars by sending a load of cockroaches and mould. A few centuries later, a human mission is wiped out by mutated cockroaches with incredible strength. So, in order to reclaim the planet, a crack force of elite troopers are sent up to wipe out the cockroaches.

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Shirobako Preview

Five high-school girls vow to pursue their dreams in the anime industry – this series follow them as they are exposed to the realities of life in the industry – hard work, tight deadlines, and all the other little headaches.

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Autum 2014 Anime Release Preview

Fall 2014 Anime Release Index

Time for my seasonal exercise – I present you with the index of previews for shows that will be starting in the Autumn (or Fall, if you prefer) 2014 season. This index is nowhere near comprehensive – as usual there are probably about 40+ series starting, and I’m only going to cover about 30 of […]

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World Trigger

World Trigger Preview

A mysterious portal has opened, and now the Earth is under attack by an advanced race – all that stands in their way is a group of mysterious warriors who have managed to co-opt some of the alien technology.

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Gugure! Kokkuri-san Preview

A young girl playing Kokkuri-san summons a mischievous spirit fox who has every intention of haunting her, but after witnessing her terrible eating habits (nothing but cup ramen) he becomes worried about her and ends up sticking around to take care of her.

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Akatsuki no Yona

Akatsuki no Yona Preview

A princess is on the run after her father, the king, is murdered by the man she loves. She escapes, with help from her bodyguard/childhood friend, and flees to his home village, where she must become accustomed to a life without the luxuries she is used to.

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