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Currently Airing Fan-art 18 March 2016

This week’s set of fan-art includes a Happy Birthday pic for Love Live!’s Umi, a farewell for Konosuba – which finished this week – as well as an image from Osomatsu-san, which isn’t a title you’d associate with your average moe images.

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Hinamatsuri – Girl’s Festival

Today – 3 March – marks the celebration of Hinamatsuri, also known as Girl’s Day. On this day, families pray for the health and happiness of their daughters. Learn more about the festival and its origins here.

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Japanese Festival: Setsubun

On 3 February, Japanese celebrate Setsubun – the day before the first day of Spring. Previously seen as marking the end of one year and starting the next, it is often accompanied by rituals to cleanse the evils of the old year and chase away evil spirits for the new year. Read more about the festival here.

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