Christmas Fan-art Countdown – 14 Days

Fourteen days left to Christmas. Our image today features a character from Touhou Project – Patchouli Knowledge. The original image can be found on the artist’s profile on Pixiv. You can view the full collection of fan-art posts on the Christmas 2015 archive page.

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UCON 2015

UCON 2015 Is Coming – Here’s What to Expect

It’s a little bit delayed this year (compared to previous years, in any case), but the time has finally rolled around for this year’s incarnation of UCON – Cape Town’s very own anime & gaming event hosted by Genshiken UCT.   Like last year’s event, UCON 2015 will be held at the UCT Sports Centre, […]

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Anime Calendars 2016

It’s calendar season again, which means its time to go on the hunt for calendars from your favourite anime series, and then spend hours agonising because you can’t afford all the calendars you want to buy.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Or is it Happy Single’s Awareness Day. Or Forever Alone Day. Japan, of course, does Valentine’s Day a little differently from the rest of us, and instead of couples (mostly the male half) having flowers and gifts delivered, in Japan Valentine’s Day is a day where girls have a chance to try and communicate their […]

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Cocorobo Imouto ver

My little sister can’t be this robotic

If you’ve been wanting a new imouto in your life, and have some money to spare, Sharp has released a new cleaning robot that has an imouto-persona built in. She talks, laughs, sings … and as a bonus she keeps your floor clean ;)

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