Picnic 10

Cosplay Cape Town 3rd Year Anniversary & Picnic

As we approach the end of the year, we are also approaching what will be the third anniversary of the first Cosplay Cape Town picnic. At the same time, the community will be having it’s 10th picnic, and because of these two factors, the organisers have decided to try and make this coming picnic the biggest and best picnic to date.

Cosplay picnic 1 vs 9

Our first picnic group compared to our ninth group. Our little community’s grown a bit, wouldn’t you say?

So first off, the picnic will be taking place in its usual spot – Kirstenbosch Gardens – although I have some suspicion the Gardens are going to be ferociously busy this year. But don’t despair, the admins have a plan. Which will work out, hopefully.

Before the wall of text (and some photos) – here are the details:
Location: Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Meeting spot: Gate #2 – the top gate
Date and Time: Saturday, 13 December at 12pm (noon)
Costs: Entry fee for Kirstenbosch Gardens – R50 (and downwards, depending on age)
Facebook Event Page

The picnic will feature the usual bingo, as well as a raffle with some bigger prizes. Animated Meanderings will also be having a seperate draw on the day – details will be added to the event page in due course, so keep an eye out for that. All of the prizes for the day have been donated by members of the community, with Reader’s Den, I believe, contributing some vouchers.

As for the rest – the usual: bring your snacks, a picnic blanket, and your happy vibes. Also, don’t forget sunscreen and a hat (unless your cosplay prevents it, of course), as it’s likely to be pretty hot on the day.

Flyer below – use this link for the full-sized one if you want to print it out and share with your friends.

Cosplay Picnic Number 10 flyer

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