New Years Cosplay Picnic report

The time has arrived, once again, to report on yet another cosplay picnic hosted by the Cape Town Cosplay group, in what has become something of a regular haunt for us, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens (I think I’m close to being on a first-name basis with most of the staff there by now :-P )

As I mentioned in my pre-picnic post last week, the event had already been rescheduled once, and there were some momentary misgivings that it might happen again; happily though, this wasn’t the case, and things went forward as scheduled – although I might be forgiven for expecting a slightly smaller turn-out, given how quiet the Group and Event pages had been.

This picnic’s group of cosplayers
Photo Courtesy of M WEST Photography and Digital Training

I was pleasantly surprised, however – the turn-out was quite large, with just short of 40 cosplayers rocking up to fluff their colourful feathers at bystanders, and one minor security concern due to the very realistic Warhammer 40k Imperial Stormtrooper we had on hand.

Cosplay Picnic - Imperial Stormtrooper

“Wha …? This doesn’t look like a warzone” – Grant as a Steel Legion Stormtrooper from Warhammer 40k

The Bingo game also went off a treat, with many more individuals (including Animated Meanderings) sponsoring prizes along with Readers Den. Darren, leaving off the cosplay attire for once, played our MC for the game, rhyming his way through the numbers like a pro. Given the large number of attending cosplayers, it was almost inevitable that there would be some multiple bingos, which resulted in a stampede or two to claim prizes.

Luckily, this resulted in nothing more than a lost wig and maybe a little bit of injured pride ;)

Cosplay Picnic

Darren the MC, with Sasha as Fionna from Adventure Time keeping track of the numbers, and handing over prizes.

I could almost say that this particular meeting had a lot more energy than previous picnics – there was a fair bit of horsing around taking place during the latter hours, many new friends were made, and lots of fun was had.

In any case, I believe it’s time we moved along the the bit of the post that everyone enjoys the most – the photos. As always, I’ll be linking to the various albums from the cosplayers involved at the bottom, so do go ahead and visit. Our rapidly growing local cosplay community would certainly love your support and comments.

Our youngest cosplayer to date? Anya probably gave us a pretty good idea what Lucy from Fairy Tail looked like when she was younger

Moriko Aoki (OC), Ryu Chi (Iwasawa – Angel Beats) and Raewyn (Misaki Mei – Another) from Dragon Lily Cosplay

There was an abundance of Misaki Mei at the event, with 3 seperate cosplayers doing their impressions of the character.

Misakie Mei and Lucy cosplay

Aadiqah (Misaki Mei – Another) poses with Anya (Lucy – Fairy Tail)

First-timer Adam did a very credible impression of Harima Kenji from School Rumble …

Father Anderson and Harima Kenji

Real men fight take their fists to a sword fight …
Adam (Harima Kenji – School Rumble) takes on Justin (Father Anderson – Hellsing)

Warhammer 40k Stormtrooper, Tsunade and Yukihime cosplay

Tsunade (BakaSakura) offers our Stormtrooper (Grant) some love, while Jamey (Yukihime – Dororon Enma-kun) looks on in amazement.
Having a hard time figuring out how he feels about all the attention :p

If there was a Photobomb of the Day award, then the picture below would have done it; Faye (Soi Fong – Bleach) dances across the background of this picture of Sasha and Genevieve (Fionna and Cake from Adventure Time), and you can almost hear her go “LAAAAAAAHHHH!!” while doing so …

Soi Fong, Cake and Fionna cosplay

Courtesy, once again of M WEST

In closing, this particular picnic was very successful, highlighting once again how the Cape Town Cosplay group has grown in leaps and bounds. And the enthusiasm of its members can’t be questioned – despite the next event being tentatively scheduled for August, several are clamoring for an April event.

Of course, I’ll drop those details if it happens. That aside though, 2013 looks like it’s going to be a very busy year, not only for the Cape Town Cosplay group, but for the local anime community as well. And while I would like to say more, it’s probably best if I keep things quiet for now, so we can surprise you later.

Now, there are many more photos for you to enjoy, so here are all the linkies. Have fun:

Animated Meanderings’s Facebook Album
Dragon Lily Cosplay’s Facebook Album
Kombokitten’s Facebook Album
Freltana Cosplay’s Facebook Album
M WEST Photography & Digital Training’s Facebook Album
Cape Town Cosplay Group on Facebook
Cosplay SA Website

There may, of course, be more albums floating around, but most of the photos have been posted on the group page already. Feel free to visit the page and visit the Cosplay SA Website to stay up to date on any cosplay related events happening in South Africa. Also, if you have any additional photos/albums to share (assuming you were in attendance), please drop them in the comments below :)

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Baka Sakura

Very cool report :D I’m not sure how grant felt either about the hug — But I DO know he hugged me back, tightly! ;) I posted my Album of the event as well in Cosplay SA’s group.


Thanks. I’ll add in a link to the SA Cosplay Group as well a little later today

M WEST Photography
M WEST Photography

Very cool article Shadowfox!

Genevieve Lesch

Always a read to look forward to! ^_^