Cosplay Ball 2015

Coming soon to Cape Town: The Cape Town Cosplay Ball

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or you don’t really pay attention to the local cosplay community – you will probably have heard whispers alluding to the fact that Cape Town will very soon be having its very first cosplay ball.

As a matter of fact, we are only two weeks away from the event. Here’s the flyer with the details – feel free to download (right-click -> Save As) and share:

Cape Town Cosplay Ball - Enchanted Forest

The theme for the ball is Enchanted Forest, and the organisers are hard at work finalising the details of the decorations, menu and playlist. As far as the music is concerned, quite a range of tastes are being catered to, with a bit of everything thrown into the mix – soundtracks from games and movies, contemporary and current hits, and of course, not forgetting a few anime tracks.

Given that this is the first event of the sort in Cape Town, and also given that it happens to be the organisers’ first poke at doing something of this nature (which takes quite a bit more tapdancing than the typical picnic), tickets were limited to 100 spaces at R250 per person. Most of them have been sold, but at the time of writing this, there are a couple left, so if you’re interested in attending (and you can manage to organise an outfit in time), drop them an e-mail at

Organising the affair has had it shares of ups and downs – GeekInk interviewed one of the organisers, and you can read some of what she had to share over on his blog. Apart from what has been posted there, I don’t have much more to add, so I suggest heading over and checking that out.

Just like a number of other events that have taken off in Cape Town over the past few years (UCON, Cosplay Picnics, EGE etc), we hope to see this one become a regular feature of the local geek calendar.

You can catch more info over on the event page; alternatively you can follow (or join) the Cape Town Cosplay community on their group page on Facebook to get a heads-up of future events.

Update: I’ve added a map to the location below:

[hmapspro id=3]

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