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More and more details for the coming season’s series are starting to surface, and it’s going to be a busy one. As always, a ridiculous amount of new shows are starting, not to mention those shows from this season that are 2-cour. For now, I still have plenty to post, so I’m digging into some of the less popular shows of the season.

Alice to Zouroku

This series has been alternating between slice-of-life vs drama – sliding between the two from time to time. Right now it’s hovering in drama territory, without letting go of the charms that has kept me watching so far. The show has been a bit of a surprise, to be honest – I was expecting something completely different based on the first episode. But I find myself happy to be disappointed in this case.

Pictured below: Sana

Source: Alice to Zouroku | 世紀末ロリ [pixiv]

Alice to Zouroku

Kyoukai no Rinne

I’m still watching this – now in its third season – and I’m starting to wonder why I’m still keeping up with it. Like most of Takahashi Rumiko’s series, it follows a similar plotline, and like most of her series, it basically spends a lot of time going nowhere. Most of the gags were done to death in Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura already – not to mention her many other series that were animated. At this point I feel the studio would be better off just running with their own thing and actually bringing the series to a conclusion of sorts.

Or drag it out forever. Whatever works.

Pictured below: Rokudou Rinne and Mamiya Sakura

Source: 境界のRINNE | いぬこ [pixiv]

Kyoukai no Rinne

Frame Arms Girl

Firstly, let me say that this show isn’t very good. I’m still watching it – if you can call playing on my phone while barely paying attention to what’s happening on screen watching. It was semi-fun for the first couple of episodes, but decided not to make anything of itself, so right now I feel like it’s nothing more than a blend of various other shows like Strike Witches (pantsless characters) and Angelic Layer (little fighting dolls). And maybe elements from one or two other shows.

Honestly, I’ll probably finish watching it because it’s almost done, but if you haven’t picked it up I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Pictured below: Baselard

Source: FAガールのバーゼラルド | もうぴい@1日目 M-06b [pixiv]

Frame Arms Girl

Sakurada Reset

A 2-cour show that will be accompanying us into the next season, Sakurada Reset is one of the less-hyped shows of the season, which is a pity. The animation is decent, and the collection of characters introduced so far have managed to keep me interested. Beyond that, the setting of the show is what really intrigues me, mostly because I’m wondering where all of this is headed.

Pictured below: Souma Sumire, Asai Kei, Haruki Misora

Source: あの夏から | ほずみや [pixiv]

Sakurada Reset

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