Currently Airing Fan-art – 29 October 2016

I’ve had to skip a week, and this week’s post is a little late – sorry about that. For some reason I’m a little busier than usual, and I seem to have given myself a busy season too – I’m having a hard time keeping up with everything I’ve put on my watch-list.

Below are my pick for this week – with a single exception this week is pretty dark, which may make this post appropriate for Halloween. That being said, if I can find the time I might do a Halloween-themed post next Monday, but we’ll have to see how that pans out.

Slight chance of spoilers below – so be aware of that before you read. Otherwise, just stare at the pictures – I’m fine with either :)


Fans of the Hellsing series will find the character designs incredibly familiar – of course, given that the original creator for both series are one and the same. Meaning that you should expect plenty of violence and characters who love violence. Naturally, this particular series won’t lend itself to a lot of fan-art; so I haven’t really been able to find much.

The image below – as far as I know – is an official key visual released before the series started airing.


ViVid Strike!

This series takes place in the Lyrical Nanoha universe, as far as I know – but since I’ve lost track of the story back in the days of the second series, I can’t tell you where things are at. I should probably sit down at some point and rewatch it from the beginning so I know who everybody is and where they come from.

In the meantime however, since there doesn’t seem to be a ton of fan-art floating around, I found myself turning to the monthly magazine posters for some inspiration.

Pictured below are Fuuka, Einhart and Vivio (from left to right).

Source: Nyantype – November 2016

vivid strike

Shuumatsu no Izetta

I’m sure there will be a happy ending here, but I’m wondering how far south things will go before we can get there. So far I find the plot and characters fairly engaging, and the animation isn’t too bad either. This particular show will almost certainly be one of my favourites for the season.

Izetta pictured below.

Source: イゼッタ | supernew [pixiv]

shuumatsu no izetta

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Probably the darkest series of the season, but at the same time it’s definitely in the running for the cutest. Plenty of feels incoming on this one and we’ve had an up and down ride so far already. Pretty early on in the season too, considering we’re not even a third of the way in yet.

Pictured below is Snow White and Fav (who I’m learning to hate – he’s Kyuubey level evil).

Source: 魔法少女 | りりっく [pixiv]

mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku

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