Happy Birthday, Hatsune Miku!

It’s time, yet again, for us to celebrate the birthday of arguably the most popular Vocaloid released to date. Given that she was released in 2007, today marks Miku’s 9th birthday – next year she’ll be in double figures.

Fan-art started appearing at midnight sharp (Japanese time), so to celebrate I decided to grab a few random pieces and share them here.

I’ve got five images below, but you’ll probably find a ton more if you visit this page on Pixiv.

9 | 黎(クロイ) [pixiv] 

Hatsune Miku 9th Birthday

《えれくとりっく.えんじぇぅ》/Happy Birthday ! | 忘川の泉眼 [pixiv]

Hatsune Miku 9th Birthday

9周年! | 山桂贰 [pixiv]

Hatsune Miku 9th Birthday

8.31? | 紺菓 [pixiv] 

Hatsune Miku 9th Birthday

ミク誕 | 村上 [pixiv]

Hatsune Miku 9th Birthdat

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