Happy Birthday Mitsuki

On 10 August 2010, I introduced the Animated Meanderings mascot to the world at large. That’s five years ago today, and I regret having done nothing much with her since then.

In celebration of ¬†Mitsuki’s fifth anniversary, I wanted to have her original design undergo a bit of a facelift – but this isn’t something I can really do myself, since the only thing I can draw with any facility are stick figures. I also opted, instead, to have a chibi version of her done, and so I approached one of my more talented acquaintances with my request.

I’m extremely happy with the outcome, so you’re likely going to see Mitsuki pop up in all sorts of places, and I’m definitely considering have a few more versions of her chibi-form done. Here’s the final version down below:

The artist responsible for this beauty is Wilmie Nel, and you can check some of her other work over on DeviantArt¬†– she is also, by the way, one of our very local talented cosplayers. Although, before visiting, I’d recommend you be careful if you’re not a fan of the Sasuke/Hinata pairing ;)

In the meantime, I’m still planning on having a few more pics of Mitsuki drawn (budget allowing), so keep checking back from time to time. Of course, I’m still thinking of doing something with her (story or something), so if you want to know more about her, you can check out her character profile. And drop me a line if you have any ideas – my creativity’s on a period of extended leave at the moment T_T

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