Vocaloid 39’s Giving Day CD/DVD/BD release announced

I saw this coming in as a search to Animated Meanderings, and I decided that I’d take a look around and see what info I could dig up about it. Earlier this year, I did a post about the Vocaloid concert held in Tokyo on the 9th of March – and thanks to Vocaloidism, I have learned that Sega have announced a release of the concert.

The concert will be available in 3 formats – BlueRay Disc, DVD and CD – and the release is scheduled for the 1st of September this year. This is great, since it is just the week before my birthday (*hint hint*). Here’s the eye-candy (translation – the official poster for the release) – [source: http://5pb.jp/mikunohi/]:

Promo poster for Hatsune Miku's 39's Giving Day release

Pretty - isn't it? I want it now ...

Despite the release date being a little over a month away – pre-orders are already available from Amazon Japan (at a pretty reasonable discount rate, I might add) – but it’s all in Japanese – as well as CDJapan and AmiAmi which have English versions of their pages. The prices according to the official releases are as follows:

  • BluRay – ¥7,350
  • DVD – ¥6,300
  • CD – ¥3,150

Visit this site – to convert it into your own currency. I might add that AmiAmi also has discounted rates available on pre-orders – but that their ordering process can be something of a pain.

Distribution is being handled by Geneon – and the DVD at least is zoned for Region 2 (which includes Europe, Japan, the Middle East and South Africa).

More info – if you can read Japanese – is available here on the official SEGA site.

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