Support Us

Animated Meanderings will turn nine years old this year (in November), and over time it has become apparent to me  me I’m pretty much at the limit of what I can do on my own with limited resources. I am also not able to do many of the things I’ve really wanted to do.

For most of the time, Animated Meanderings has been run as a solo effort with no real source of income, which prevents me from acquiring products to review, or even to run competitions – something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now.

How can I help?

I’m not particularly keen to ask visitors for money, so for the time being, I won’t do so. But, if you are a regular visitor, you can help support Animated Meanderings by making use of the following affiliate links when you decide to buy anime merch. It costs you nothing, and every purchase made through one of these links will provide me with a slight commision I can use to cover my hosting costs and acquire goodies for review and possible giveaways. You can help by bookmarking the links below and use those bookmarks whenever you buy something off one of the sites below:

About Ad-Blockers

Being swamped with ads is utterly annoying, and I’m right with you on that, so I completely understand running an AdBlocker. Problem being that they will sometimes block out Affiliate banners as well. I’d like to keep this site free of ads, and I have every intention of not being ham-fisted when it comes to posting banners, so for that reason I would like to request that you consider white-listing this domain in any AdBlocker you may be using. Every little bit helps.

Can I donate any other way?

I’ve given some consideration to setting up a Paypal donate button or even a Patreon account, but for the time being, that’s not on the cards. But feel free to keep an eye out, because it may change as I decide to pick up other projects.

Do you need writers?

I won’t lie – consistently producing content for this blog is probably one of my biggest challenges. As such, I’m open to the possibility of taking on additional writers, but at this point it would very much be a voluntary position, since I’m not currently capable of providing any sort of compensation. Once again, using my affiliate links can help with this problem.

Previous experiments with writers also haven’t really had the desired effect, so I do tend to be a little hesitant about getting random people to write for me.

So this doesn’t put you off, and you think you have something worth saying to the internet. Drop me a line via my contact page, and we can chat about it. Topics that I am willing to consider are:

  • Anime (currently airing series, reviews)
  • Manga (currently being serialised, reviews)
  • Japanese culture (festivals, photos, daily life)
  • Cosplay
  • Merchandise (games, figurines, anime-related merch)
  • AMVs
  • Opinion pieces
  • maybe one or two other things I can’t think of right now – ask and I’ll let you know.

I will demand a certain level of quality where writing is concerned, and this is particularly true of opinion pieces.

That’s it for now

Feel free to keep an eye on this page – I may add – or possibly even remove – things from time to time. I am very grateful for any and all support I receive, even if this is limited to you coming by to regularly check the site out.